the Chisel Earth Anchor Kit - 5" Medium - 6 PCS and Drive Rod

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5" Anchor with 3/16" diameter 36" Long galvanized Steel Rope -  6 PCS and Drive Rod. 

  • Quickly anchors anything without digging; 
  • Suitable for all soils; 
  • Super holding power; 
  • Easy installation: just hammer it into ground and pull; Unlike those casted anchors, the CHISEL anchor will not split and it will go into ground guaranteed
  • A convenient, reliable, strong and affordable way for securely anchoring sheds, greenhouses, outdoor furniture, dog kennels / runs, and newly planted trees;
  • Made of gauge 14 galvanized steel for hi-strength and rust resistance; Patented Design;
  • The package includes 6 assembled Ground Anchors; the Anchor Drive IS INCLUDED.