The Chisel Anchor

No Digging! A convenient and secure way for anchoring an object on unpaved ground. Specially designed for below applications:

Pullout Resistance at Minimum Depth - lbs *
Anchor Size Minimum Vertical Depth Hardpan /
Dense Sand /
Medium /
Sandy Gravel
Loose Medium Sand Loose Fine Sand
3.5" Steel 2' 1300 700 450 240 120
5" Steel 2.5' 2300 1200 800 400 200
6.5" Aluminum 3.5' 5000 3000 2000 1200 600
Anchor holding power will vary in different soils. Higher holding power can be expected in harder soil classes (numerically higher blow count classifications) and lower holding power can be expected in the softer soil classes. Anchors are rated in an average (class 5) soil condition. The rating is just a reference for anchor selection. Proof-loading is the ONLY way to insure the exact holding power of each installation. Most Common Soil Types: Dense Fine Sand, Very Hard Silts and Clays, Dense Clays, Sands, Gravel, Hard Silts and Clays *Typical Blow Count Per ASTM-D1586 is 24-40